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Generational Farm & Nursery

Spring Bluff has a storied history beginning well before it was established as a nursery. Beginning as a working family farm selling eggs to their community, it slowly grew into the successful nursery it is today. For 160 years, six generations of the Norris Family have worked and tended to the land of Spring Bluff. They transitioned to add the nursery in the 1970's, continually adding new plants, programs, and events. We know and honor the roots that the Norris Family placed here many years ago. Their hard work and care can be seen all through out the land and home.

In 2022, another local family took over the stewardship of Spring Bluff. We hope to continue the hard work and dedication to providing Kane county with a full service nursery that still feels local. Feel confident in knowing you're shopping small and supporting a family grown and owned business.

Spring Bluff offers all types of plants for all seasons. You can find shrubs, trees, perennials, annuals, vegetables and herbs for your own garden. A long with our seasonal offerings, we will also have planters and garden accessories to choose from. 

If you're interested in plant installation and landscape design, visit our services section to schedule an appointment with our design professional. 


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