My name is Amanda Knapp, and I am going to be blogging for Spring Bluff’s CSA this summer.  I figured I would tell you a little bit about myself as we start on this journey.

I am a writer and a stay at home mom to three girls ages 2-7.  Prior to becoming a mom, I taught English at Waubonsee Community College. Now I spend most of my time chasing my girls around, but I spend what little free time I have writing about motherhood and life and everything in between.  My husband and I have been married for twelve years now.

My family and I currently live in Batavia, but we lived in Yorkville for quite a few years.  While in Yorkville, we would pass Spring Bluff nearly every day, but it took us years to finally stop in.

My husband and I have been talking about joining a CSA for many years now, but with three little kids and not nearly enough time, we always missed the deadlines and always promised next year.  We are glad that next year has finally come.

We decided on joining the CSA because we are looking to include more fresh veggies in our diets.  We do our best, but it can be hard to get those veggies into the mouths of toddlers.  I find that my kids are much more likely to eat vegetables if they see where they come from and are a part of the process of preparing them.  Plus, it’s important to me that my girls know that veggies come from the Earth, not some factory or the big truck unloading crates at the grocery store.

One of my main goals this summer is to find some great vegetable recipes to share with my kids and also to share with you.  We are not expert cooks in our house.  I think after years of trial and error, I can finally qualify myself as a mediocre cook.  But the good news is that we don’t need to be experts to feed our families well, and the first step is quality ingredients which we will all soon be sharing in.

Another goal of mine is to get rid of as many chemicals from our lives as possible.  This has been a goal we have been working on for awhile.  Both myself and two of my three girls have fair, sensitive skin, and I find us constantly itching and reddened.  We’ve gotten rid of most chemical laden cleaning products in our home, but we’re still looking on perfecting some recipes, and I plan to share that journey with you as well.

And finally, I hope to bring you news and updates from the world of CSAs and natural, sustainable living.  There’s a lot of news out there, and I hope to bring you some of the most interesting tidbits I can find.

Like any blog though, it works best when we can have a conversation.  So I hope you all feel comfortable sharing your ideas and comments with me.  Let me know what you think about the recipes, and if you have any to share, please do so.  That way we can all learn from each other as we tread this path of sustainable living.

Tomorrow is our first CSA pickup, so perhaps I’ll see some of you there.  I’ll be the frazzled lady with a handful of little girls and my camera.


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Amanda Knapp is a writer and a stay at home mom to her three little girls, ages 2-7. She has a Masters degree in English, and prior to having children, she taught writing at the community college level. Now, she spends her time chasing her three girls around the house, cuddling with them on the couch and reading, and writing about pretty much anything that comes to her mind. She writes for her own blog, www.indisposablemama.com, as well as for Mothering Magazine, Psych Central, and Catholic 365.

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