Your Daily Vege; You- Pick Vegetables in Sugar Grove Illinois

See you next Spring!

Thank you once again to all of our friends who have made our you-pick vegetable garden the best in Sugar Grove, maybe the best in Illinois ! In 2017, we will, once again, be expanding our u-pick garden but over 100%! We aim to bring you a longer harvest season and more choices as we have met many new and enthusiastic pickers this year. Check back in early March 2017 to find out how we are coming along and when you can come pick your first crop of Spring Bluff Veggies! Thanks, have a great dormant season!

You-Pick Vegetable Yard, Sugar Grove, Illinois

Closed for the Season

All Produce on our farm, whether you-pick or CSA is grown organically, although we have not received certification, we use only organic fertilizers (minimal) and organic fungicides (copper based), all OMRI certified because we understand that the best way to grow healthy plants is to do so in a healthy environment. We do not use any herbicides near any of our food production gardens, weed control is done by removing weeds by hand or hoe, or suppressing with straw mulch. You will find our produce is as fresh and nutritious as it gets, we are sure you will enjoy it, we all do.

*Ready to Harvest:

  • See you in the Spring!

*Crops are sold by the pound and quantities can be limited depending on season. If you are looking for large quantities please call ahead.