The Joy of Growing

Up until recently (very recently!) I would have told you that there are two things I’m not very good at: cooking and gardening.

Well, I’m happy to tell you that I finally feel like I can pass as a cook.  I’m not a terribly original cook.  A look at my posts will show you that I mainly tweak other people’s recipes, but still, I can take some ingredients and make a decent meal out of it.

This is quite exciting to me.  Cooking to me has always seemed like such a mothering and nurturing act, and it really upset me that I felt I wasn’t good at it.

But one step at a time, one meal at a time, I feel like I made it there.

And that leaves me with gardening.  I never really had much to garden with.  I lived in apartments during my twenties and then a townhouse for the first half of my thirties.  Finally now, I have a yard with plenty of room to garden.

What I don’t have, however, is the knowledge of how to proceed.

But about a month ago, I read on Pinterest about regrowing celery from the base.  It seemed simple enough, so I took the base from the first batch of celery we got from the CSA, and now I have this.


It probably would have worked better to plant the celery in our garden, but the leaves are so pretty that I wanted it in my kitchen.

Now all of this started to sprout right around the time that it was becoming increasingly apparent to me that we were not going to get anything out of the full garden I planted.  I didn’t know what I was doing, so this isn’t much of a surprise, but it was still discouraging.

But my little celery plant gave me hope.  And then my basil started to grow!


I planted it with some cilantro that never made it, but I love this gorgeous basil.  This is particularly exciting for me because I love basil.  I put basil in everything.

After seeing these two plants grow, I realized that I was trying to dive into the deep end before I knew how to swim.  So now, I’m going to take things slowly.

I bought an oregano plant today.  I’ve wanted an oregano plant for awhile, so I decided this would be the perfect third plant for me.


And now my goal is just to keep these three fledgling plants alive.  Eventually, the celery will get big enough that we can eat it, and I’ll have to bring the two herb plants inside once it gets cold, but I have high hopes for these three.

And I have high hopes for myself.  I’m realizing that if I’m able to work with these, then maybe next spring I can try for some tomatoes and jalapeños.  Slowly but surely, season after season, I hope to learn more until I can confidently call myself a gardener.

I like to take on big projects, but with food, like anything else, slow and steady seems to be the way to go.

Plus it’s nice to know that with the CSA keeping my family in vegetables, I can keep gardening as a hobby rather than a chore.

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