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Time to redeem your Brownie points!

If you have shopped with us this year, you have been earning Brownie points since day 1! Stop in anytime in July to cash in those earned points. Each Brownie point can be used for $1.00 Off any plants in stock for a cumulative total of up to 50% off! Every $10 you have spent on plants has earned you a point, stop by today to pick up some hard earned discounts, happy planting!

Firewood delivery available

Seasoned Oak Firewood for sale

$140 / Face Cord

It’s time for late-Summer camping trips, cool Summer nights with friends and family, and S’Mores and Spring Bluff has you covered! Stop by to pick up a face cord of seasoned Oak hardwood for $140/face cord, great for cooking, bonfires, or saving up for the Winter chill. Delivery available (delivery fees vary by distance, starting at $60) Please call to set up pick up or delivery. (630) 466-4278

Oak Firewood Stacks for sale