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Specials Include:

    Seasonal Sale, Free Landscape Block, Firewood for sale, Bulk Vegetables, Vampire repellent (garlic), Restorative Tree Yoga.

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Our Christmas Shed
Crow's Nest Art Gallery

Holiday Sales:

 Warning: The Holidays Are Approaching!

     That’s right, it’s November and the holiday season approaches. As Spring Bluff tradition dictates, we will be open this year for our popular Cut-Your-Own Christmas Tree and Holiday Decor Sale. We will be open for 3 weekends this winter so that you can stock up on all of your locally made, all natural holiday decor from Spring Bluff Farms. From handmade wreaths and mantel pieces, to cut your own Christmas trees, we have something for every home. All of our materials are gathered on site and assembled by Spring Bluff’s staff, so if there’s room in your home for locally crafted decor, Spring Bluff is the place to be! There is NO CHARGE for admission, free hot chocolate, and a warm fire to boot! All cut trees, any size, are $50.00 and varieties include white pine, scotch pine, and limited selection of spruce. See you there!

Holiday Sale Hours:

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, November 24, 25, & 26: 9:00 am – 4:00pm
Saturday and Sunday December 2 & 3: 9:00 am – 4:00pm
Saturday and Sunday December 9 & 10: 9:00 am – 4:00pm

In addition to Spring Bluff’s Wreaths and Tree sales, the Blackberry Ridge Potters will also be joining us again at the Crow’s Nest Gallery on-site at Spring Bluff! The Blackberry Ridge Potters are a group of local individuals with a passion for creativity, they will have handmade soaps, candles, ceramics, and more so you can find the perfect gifts for your loved ones (or yourself). Check out the Crows Nest Gallery on Facebook for more information, or click to read about the products on our website, Here.

Loading Huge Tree on SUV
Items marked 50% off

Fall Out

of Summer


    Summer is here, and almost gone! Time for Seasonal Specials! There is still plenty of time for plants to get established before winter and we are trying to find new homes for some of ours. To help with your fall planting plans, Spring Bluff is now offering a sizable portion of our perennial flowers, containerized shrubs, and balled and burlap shade trees, ornamental trees, shrubs, and evergreens on sale from 25-50% Off! Stop by today to find a great deal!

Falling out of Summer Sale Details:

  • All Evergreen B&B Stock 50% Off
  • ALL ROSES 25% Off
  • Most Deciduous Trees, Shade trees, Ornamental Trees, and B&B Shrubs 25% Off
  • All Crab-apple and Lilac Species B&B 50% Off
  • Many Select Potted Shrubs and Perennial Flowers 25-50% Off

U-Pick Vegetables $10.00 per stuffed grocery bag!

FREE Landscape Stone!

You Heard Right, Free! We have a surplus of unused landscaping stone, some stepping stones and mostly retaining wall block. We are giving away all of our excess material free of charge, just come by and pick it up! We do have delivery options available, ask a sales rep for details if delivery is required. Have at ’em!

Free landscaping stone
Free Landscape Stone
Firewood delivery available

Seasoned Oak Firewood Specials

$140 / Face Cord

Oak Firewood Stacks for sale

It’s time for late-Summer camping trips, cool Summer nights with friends and family, and S’Mores and Spring Bluff has you covered! Stop by to pick up a face cord of seasoned Oak hardwood for $140/face cord, great for cooking, bonfires, or saving up for the Winter chill. Delivery available (delivery fees vary by distance, starting at $60) Please call to set up pick up or delivery. (630) 466-4278

Spring Bluff Garlic Braids

What do Fresh Breath, Winter Colds, and Vampires have in common? They all HATE Garlic! Which is just another great reason for you to LOVE it! We are offering garlic braids from our gardens to our non-vampire customers while supplies last, only $5 a braid! You can’t beat that price and you get protection from colds and vampires too!

Restorative Tree Yoga

Every Tuesday at 7:30

Bend, zen, and stretch the body out with specific postures to promote flexibility and bring your body into a state of pure relaxation. By using a combination of static and slow moving postures, your muscles and connective tissues are able to thoroughly stretch and relax. This is a beginner friendly course occurring weekly in the main building at Spring Bluff Nursery. Please be aware that our friendly farm cats may stop in from time to time to say hello (there are only 2) so please let us know if there are any allergy concerns.  Please contact Leah for more details in one of the ways listed below:



Phone: (630) 802-6632