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Well I wrote a few days ago about some salsa recipes I wanted to try.  Before I go further, I should explain that the reason I like cooking but hate baking is that you have to be so precise with baking.  With cooking, you have more leeway.  Sometimes, however, I give myself too much leeway.

That was the case with my salsa.

I didn’t exactly follow a recipe.  I just threw the following into my blender:

Four tomatoes

One white onion

1 jalapeno, 1 poblano, 1 pepper of unknown type that I got at the grocery store

The juice of one lime

A dash of vinegar

Fresh cilantro

1 green pepper

And the salsa was… passable.

I believe my problem was that I didn’t have enough peppers with strong enough flavor.  It was bland.  I think I also used too much onion for the amount of other veggies.

But I won’t give up.  I still have veggies left, so as soon as I get some more chips, I’m going to try again.  The odds are in my favor, right?  Eventually I must accidentally create the perfect salsa.

But so as not to dwell solely on culinary failures, I would like to share the roasted vegetables we made the other night.  Since I had been sick, I wasn’t doing a particularly good job of cooking full meals, so we had a bit of a backlog of root veggies.  Since my whole family loves roasted new potatoes, we decided just to take it a step further.

We cut up potatoes, beets, radishes, fennel, and kohlrabi.  Then I coated them with olive oil, fresh garlic, fresh thyme, and parsley and roasted them in the oven at 450.  They were an absolute hit!  My kids ate all of them and liked everything except the radishes.  Roasting the fennel muted its sharp taste and the kohlrabi was oh so buttery.

We still have all of these left, so I’m excited to roast a second batch tonight.

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