Purple Potato Tacos


Yet another wonderful use for purple potatoes! Hello, project number 2 for my purple potatoes was tacos! I can see how putting potatoes in your taco might seem strange to some, and i don’t blame you, but growing up in Chicago, the only tacos my family ever made were potato tacos. I believe the recipie came down from my paternal grandmother, but however it got to us i am sure glad it did. Normally, my mother would put boiled potato chunks into the ground beef, stir it up in the frying pan, and call it a taco. However, my tastes have evolved somewhat since then and i prefer to spice things up a bit.

For this dish i chopped purple potatoes, skin on, into tiny chunks (reminiscent of home fries) and placed them in a frying pan with a wee bit of vegetable oil. As taters were getting warmed up, i chopped up some various peppers from the garden, as well as onions (tomatoes would have been great if they were ready), and i simmered them all together in the frying pan until tender, and added some finely chopped garlic right at the end.

For meat, we used ground bison meat, because if it ain’t grass fed, it ain’t for me :) and we very lightly simmered the bison meat in a separate pan until it was slightly gray. Good meat doesn’t need the long cooking time, when animals are grass fed they naturally have less bacteria in their bodies and therefor are much less of a risk for food borne illness. Anyways, i digress, we grow veggies here, not bison. So whatever your choice of meat, if you use meat, you can cook that up separately from the veggies, and that’s about that.

Cook up some tortillas, top with a little meat, and a scoop of freshly cooked veggies, and you’ve got yourself a pretty good taco. Feel free to top with cheese, cilantro, sour cream, or any other taco fixings. I believe you will find that the taters add a nice texture and moisture to the meat, and provide a little extra nourishment. Bon Appetit!

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