Preserving Tomatoes

I love tomatoes.  And tomato sauce.  And tomato based salsa.  And… well anything and everything pertaining to tomatoes.

We do have quite a haul at this point though, and so I’m starting to consider how I am going to preserve them for winter.

I found this excellent resource that discusses canning and pickling.  (Click here)

I also found this link that talks about freezing cherry (and other smaller) tomatoes.  It also talks about making homemade tomato paste which I just might have to try! (Click here)

And since I was taking the time to research the preservation of tomatoes, I decided to look into preserving eggplant as we are getting a little bit backlogged with them, and the thought of wasting a single delicious eggplant makes me want to cry.

This website gives a great overview on the many different options.  I had never heard of some of their ideas!  (Click here)

My four year old and I have been reading Blueberries for Sal all summer which is a book about a mother and her daughter and a mama bear and her cub going out to get blueberries to last all winter.  The mom and daughter can their blueberries.  We don’t have any blueberries to can, but maybe we can recreate a little bit of the fun with our tomatoes!

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