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Our Farm

Welcome to Spring Bluff Farm

Our Family Farm for 171 Years and counting…

The Norris family has been on this land since 1844 and we are proud to say that we are still in the business of providing food, scenery, and overall happiness to the surrounding area.
Here you can find information about our Community Supported Agriculture program (small scale, local farming for the 21st century) and our U-Pick vegetable yard, which is open to the public every day during our growing season. Both our CSA and U-Pick garden are maintained using sustainable, organic practices. We guarantee your produce will be fresh, and free of synthetic substances. Although we are not certified organic, we invite you to our farm at anytime to see how things are done, and if you have the time, you are always welcome to help us pull some weeds :-)

We hope you enjoy our farm as much as we do, our only goal is to do things they way they used to be done, when super efficiency and freakishly large produce was not the primary goal. It may take longer, we may work harder, and sometimes our crops are just a wee-little bit smaller, but darn it, we love it anyways and we hope you will to! The flavor speaks for itself.