New Purple Potatoes

Well, I have finally had the time to put some of our new purple potatoes to the test. I have been waiting for the crop to be ready all year, because I had read last year, that purple colored vegetables have high amounts of the anti-oxidant anthocyanin, the same antioxidant found in blueberries and aronia berries that make them so good for us. So, i mentioned this to Sue, since i know we have had purple beans in the past, what else could we find that was purple? Apparently, there are purple potatoes and carrots as well, and because Sue is awesome, we planted them both! Now, I’m not a hundred percent knowledgeable in the science behind how and why that works but i can tell you that we have a pet rat that we rescued after it was abandoned in its cage in a parking lot (we just couldn’t say no) and it will noticeably grab for purple leafs and veggies over standard green, orange, or white varieties, which, we feel, says a lot about the quality. Anyway, i’m no doctor, but i love good food, and the purple potatoes ¬†were a hit.

Purple Taters


I plan to cook these potatoes in every way possible to give it a full evaluation (mashed, baked, fried, boiled) and last night’s endeavor consisted of frying them. i sliced the potatoes thin, as thin as possible, and right away noticed the color and pattern variation in the thinly sliced purple potatoes. As melissa pointed out to me, they slightly resemble slices of geode (those cool rocks that we used to break open as kids to find the crystal) maybe not THAT cool, but definitely more interesting than white or yellow potatoes. Anyways, it only took a few minutes of frying in vegetable oil at medium low heat to tenderize them. Normally, i leave potatoes in the fryer longer to make them crispy, but it was hard to tell how far along these were cooked since they have such dark coloration. once the fork easily passed through the potato and the skin seemed to have rigidity, i pulled them off the heat and dried them on some paper towels to get rid of extra oil.

The result were deliciously tender, flavorful, and healthy potato chips. They were not as crunchy as i normally prefer, but i did notice that i ate 3/4 of the chips before i even thought to salt or dip in ketchup (another usual part of fried potato chips for me) When i did salt them, i really noticed the salt, not a bad thing but they were better without it. Furthermore, when i did decide to try them with ketchup i found that i didn’t like them as much. I actually preferred the taste of the unsalted plain potato chips! (My mother will be proud of me when she hears that).

So as for my first taste of our healthier, purple potatoes, i give them a solid A. I would like to crisp them up a little more next time, but i feel no matter what i do i won’t be disappointed. My next mission is trying some funky purple mashed potatoes, and who knows, this time i might even be able to leave out the gravy :-)

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