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I’ve been searching for a natural veggie wash recipe.  Truth be told, I’m pretty bad about washing vegetables as I’m known to just run it quickly under water and consider it clean.  Obviously there are many problems with this.

So I’ve gone to the grocery store to find some vegetable washes, but everything I find has a ridiculous amount of ingredients.  It seems a bit silly to wash vegetables with the most unnatural of sprays.

So I searched online, and I found quite a few “recipes.”  This site (click here) had five seemingly great ideas.  My favorite is the vinegar soak.  I’ve done this with produce from the grocery store before, and it effectively washes away all the waxes and everything they add.  I can’t wait to try it on my CSA veggies.

I’ve actually been cleaning with vinegar for years now.  Before having kids, I loved the smell of a house cleaned with bleach.  It just smelled so fresh.  Now that I have little ones who put everything in their mouths and crawl around our floors, I no longer feel comfortable with bleach or other commercial products.

I have found that different combinations of baking soda, blue Dawn, and vinegar can do pretty much anything around the house.  Here’s a website (click here) dedicated specifically to cleaning with vinegar.

Do you have any special cleaning recipes?  I’m still searching for the perfect laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent recipes.  If you have any, please share!

I’m going to leave you with this recipe (click here) for homemade toilet fizzy bombs.  There are precious few things in the world that I detest more than cleaning a toilet.  This article claims that dropping one of these fizzy tablets in your toilet every few uses will keep it clean and fresh.  I haven’t tried this one yet, but as soon as I make it to the store to buy the ingredients, I’m going to get to work making them.  Anything that can make that task easier would be a wonder for me!

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