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Landscape Maintenance Department

Spring Bluff offers a variety of maintenance options to fit your needs and your budget. Maintenance can be provided year round depending on the nature of the work. Many trees and shrubs responds best to pruning at certain times of year and we are ready and able to make a schedule for your landscape so we can do the right work at the right time. General maintenance is also available including mulching, edging, pruning, grass seeding, sod removal, as well as fall and spring cleanups. Prices vary based on the scope of work so please don’t hesitate to call, email or stop by for a quote.


Clean Up & Pruning Services

At Spring Bluff, clean-ups consist of more than just picking up leaves. Cleaning up the garden before or after winter means; cutting back perennials and cleaning up annual beds, which helps to get a jump on spring growth, while applying compost and/or mulch can help protect roots of plants from cold winter months, especially those that are less established. We also offer dormant pruning/trimming during autumn and early spring while deciduous trees are dormant to help prevent infection by insects, fungus, and bacteria that are more active during the growing season. If you are interested call Spring Bluff Nursery for an appointment and pricing.