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Installation of Plant Material

Plant material purchased from Spring Bluff to be planted in Sugar Grove and the local area can be installed for an additional 50% of the cost of the plant material, with a minimum planting charge of $95 (Trees and Shrubs installed by us have a 2 year full guarantee for the full price paid for material and planting, some species exemptions may apply). For example, if you would like us to plant a tree that costs $400.00, the planting charge would be $200.00 and we would then guarantee that tree for the full $600, for a term of 2 years from purchase date.

There is no extra charge for delivery of plants being installed, however, jobs outside of the immediate area do require an additional fuel surcharge. For pricing call us at 630-466-4278.

Installation of other material

We also offer installation services for any of our landscape designs or designs of your own. This service includes anything from plant material to stone pavers, walkways, and patios, drain tiles, stone drainages, ponds, or other water features. For information on pricing and availability please call us for a quote.


Plants, hardgoods, mulch, and compost purchased at the nursery can be delivered within the local business area for $60. (In addition to the cost of the plants and/or materials.) The $60 fee will cover all material that we can fit on one truck whether flatbed or pickup, if we can do it in one trip, there’s only one charge. Outside the local area there is an additional fuel surcharge for deliveries or plantings.

When delivering plant material, customers have the option of marking the exact drop point. For instance, if you would like us to deliver a large tree, we will bring it to your property and drop the tree next to where it will be planted. This makes it much easier for homeowners to plant their own trees. The hardest part of moving them is getting them off the truck and to the place it will be planted, that’s why we take care of that for you.

For pricing please call the nursery at 630-466-4278. Spring Bluff sells double processed premium hardwood mulch for $41.00 a cubic yard or bagged for $5.45 a bag. Also available is Organic mushroom compost for $32.50 a cubic yard, or $6.95 a bag.