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So school has started, and for many of us that means busy, harried evenings.  We definitely fit into that camp.

Yesterday, I had to pick up my eldest from school, pick up our CSA share, drop my daughter off at softball, pick up my husband from the train, and pick up my daughter from softball all while helping with homework and getting ready for the next morning.

Ideally, these are crock pot days.  But some days, I just don’t have the stuff on hand and haven’t planned well enough in advance.

While there are always take out or freezer meals, I still do my best to get healthy food into my kids on days like these.

One trick I have learned is to spice up some traditional boxed meals.  While they still contain their fair share of white flour and other things I try to stay away from, at least I get some good stuff into the kids as well.

Last night, we did a Pasta Roni meal.


Pasta Roni is really easy to make, and I made it healthier by using almond rather than cow’s milk.  I also added some tomatillos, tomatoes, leeks, swiss chard, and asparagus.  My four year old doesn’t always appreciate these additions, but she’ll thank me one day.  I think…

I’ve also done this quite frequently with those cold pasta box meals.  Frozen vegetables work well with those, and I’ve been storing up some of our CSA veggies in the freezer for this winter.

Like I said, I try to feed my kids as much unprocessed food as possible, but no one is perfect, and I most definitely am not.  I do find though that I can make most meals at least a bit more nutritious with just a few tweaks.

How about you?  What tricks do you have for making your family meals more healthy when you have less than ample time?

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