Gazpacho or Salsa?


So I was all excited to make gazpacho yesterday.  I had everything — all I needed to buy from the store was some veggie juice, and we were set.

I set up my space in the kitchen; I shooed all the kids into the other room, and I got my food chopper up and running.

This was going to be good.  All of this fresh goodness in a cold soup that would just get better for leftovers the next day.

So I went with it.  I chopped tomatoes, tomatillos, cucumbers, peppers, fresh basil, and garlic among a couple of other things.  Then I splashed in some vinegar, evoo, and some salt and pepper, and we were good to go.


I, of course, tried it before I served it to everyone.  It made me cringe a bit.  It was a bit spicy.  Surely I must just have taken a portion that had excess hot peppers.

Everyone came in.  We sat around the table.  We said Grace.  And then everybody took a bite.

The looks were something I wish I had on camera.

My husband started blinking.  A lot.  My two year old just opened her mouth and appeared to be trying to wipe the soup off.  My older two just started sobbing.

Apparently my first bite wasn’t an aberration.  It was that spicy.

Luckily we had some cheese and tortilla shells, and my family had microwaved quesadillas that night.  Dinner of champions.

But the good news is that I realized that while I might have royally messed up the gazpacho, I had finally created a salsa I like.

I guess it’s a win after all.



There is a zucchini in the picture way at the top.  I did not include zucchini.  I just accidentally had it there when I took the shot.

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