Fridge Full of Cabbage


So we have a lot of cabbage at our house.  We aren’t quite as good at gobbling that up as we are the other veggies.  I’ve been meaning to blanch and freeze some of it so we can have cabbage soup over the winter, but I never seem to build up enough ice to properly blanch it.

So I’ve been looking around for some more cabbage recipes, and I found this one which looks great.  (Click here)  They call it Mexican Not-Fried Rice, and it looks as healthy as it does delicious.  It’s full of lettuce, cabbage, cilantro, scallions and pico de gallo among a few other things.  Unfortunately, we are having leftovers tonight, so I think this will be tomorrow’s meal.

And since we’re talking about cabbage, it’s hard not to mention kimchi which is basically fermented cabbage with seasonings.  I’ll admit, I haven’t tried it yet, and I’ll also admit that I’m scared to try it.  I love sharply flavored food, and this does seem as if it would be quite sharp.  I also have a sensitive stomach that I don’t particularly feel like triggering.  And there’s no way my kids would try it.

Anyway, here is a simple kimchi recipe.  (Click here)  If I get brave over the next week and try it, I will be sure to let you know!

Finally, I’ll end off with this recipe that I know my husband will love — roasted cabbage and apples with Italian sausage.  (Click here)  My offspring have all inherited my husband’s love of Italian sausage, and I’ll admit that they are starting to wear me down as I’ve developed a bit of a hankering for it as well.  I think this will be another one we’ll try this weekend.

So it looks like I might actually not have to store up a ton of ice to blanch my cabbage as I think these recipes might just carry us through.

What about you?  Do you have any favorite cabbage recipes?

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