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So I have been sick for quite awhile now.  Actually, today is day 8.  Unfortunately, this means we have been eating a bit less than creatively lately, getting by on old favorites while my brain couldn’t function well enough to try something new.

But the good news is that I am ever so slowly getting better, and as I started to improve, I remembered one sole jalapeño left in my refrigerator from last week’s load of veggies.  For me, there is no greater purpose in the world for a jalapeño than salsa.

The problem is that I am notoriously bad at making salsa.  Either that, or my standards are too high.

So I have declared this summer to be the summer of salsa in the Knapp house, and I vow here and now to figure out the perfect recipe.

To start, I found three promising recipes online…

This first recipe (click here) is from Whole Foods.  It is simple, not requiring much more than the salsa basics.  I don’t think I could mess it up much, but its simplicity might make it a bit less than spectacular.

This second recipe (click here) is from Taste of Home.  This one has you add cumin.  I don’t like cumin much, but I must say that it is intriguing me.

Finally, this third recipe (click here) is from Betty Crocker.  I think this is the one I am going to try tonight. It also calls for a green pepper, and I still have my green pepper that I got through the CSA.  If anyone still has green onions left over, they can be used here as well.  My husband eats our green onions practically before I even empty the bag.  He’s a fiend.

Anyway, does anyone have any tried and true salsa recipes?  I’ll come back here after I have tried some of these with pictures and my results.

Have a great Wednesday!

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