Welcome to Spring Bluff Farm, and our Community Supported Agriculture program.

Spring Bluff Community Supported Agriculture

Hello! Welcome to Spring Bluff’s community supported agriculture (CSA) page.  We have also started a page on Facebook for our CSA program, that you can find by clicking here -> Spring Bluff CSA,  we hope that this will provide easier access to news and information about what’s going on at the farm and our CSA program.

Amazingly, our 2016 season has come to an end, it always seems to go by so quickly. We have had a great time growing food for our members this year, and we consider it a great success. Although we had several new members this year, nearly twice that of 2015, we were able to provide copious amounts of quality produce to our members and feel that everyone was satisfied with the turnout. Next year we will be incorporating limited deliveries into our CSA program to help those that have issues with scheduling, mobility, or transportation. We understand that it is not only those of us who are healthy and mobile that have a need for fresh, healthy produce, so we will do our best to extend our family’s bounty to everyone interested, and if you can’t make it to our farm, we will do our best to bring our farm to you. There will be a few other changes in 2017 besides our delivery options, including expanded vegetable varieties and extended pickup hours at our farm. We will continue growing all of our food in the healthiest, happiest ways possible in order to continue bringing only the best quality to your table.

If you are interested in renewing, or becoming a new member of our CSA, we will have our 2017 member agreement posted shortly and you can begin signing up this fall. Thank you for your interest in community supported agriculture and Spring Bluff Farm, we hope to bring you, and your family, fresh, wholesome, and healthy food, straight from our garden to your table, for generations to come. Have a safe and healthy Autumn, see you in the spring!