I think my favorite thing about the CSA is that I get use vegetables with abandon.  I don’t have to sit at the grocery store and budget and figure out what should go in what.  I just have a fridge full of fresh produce that I can use to my heart’s content.

And I have!


But my husband (and truth be told myself as well) has been missing some meat in our meals.  So the other day, I used my slow cooker for this ridiculously good roast beef meal.  (Click here)

Complete with butternut squash, cabbage, and celery among other delectables, this was a huge hit.


And while we are on the subject of meat, I used the cabbage and Italian sausage recipe I posted about last week.  This was another winner.  My family rated it about a 6, but this was closer to a 10 for me.  I ordinarily have a strict rule about not mixing fruit with meat.  It simply doesn’t appeal to me.  But I’m glad I went for this combination because I’m going to making this all winter long.