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Certified Arborist on Staff

No Hassle Arborist Services

Spring Bluff Nursery is proud to announce that we now have an ISA Certified Arborist on our staff. Russell Cerocke (lic. # IL-9385A) has a background in forestry and natural resource management and specializes on native trees and shrubs. If you have any concerns about the trees and shrubs on your property, feel free to call us to speak with our arborist about it. We do have a standard charge for on-site consultations but we guarantee you that Russell will give you an honest analysis of what is going on. If there are treatments available that will help your plants along we will recommend what is best and you can rest assured that you will be under no pressure to treat plants, and you will not have to worry about us trying to sell you treatments that are unnecessary or ineffective.

Several no-charge arborist consultations tend to end with a high pressure sell for treatment that will be marginally effective, if at all. Most problems with trees and shrubs are due to cultural stress, and the disease or insects are simply a sign of the trees weakened state. We understand that not all problems should be chemically treated, in many cases the problem is not severe enough to warrant chemical application and can be remedied with changes in tree care or tree selection.

Remember, the best plant care practice is putting the right plant in the right place. If you have a plant that is doing poorly due to placement, we will tell you, and leave the option of treatment up to you.