And Sometimes We Fail

So I have been going great this summer with the cooking.  The kids have been liking most everything.  My husband has been liking everything.  Even I have been pleased.

And then this happened.


This was the good part of my plan for foil baking.  I was actually making nine salmon filets, so instead of individually wrapping each and running out of foil, I decided to wrap two set of them.  First I seasoned the salmon with the slightest bit of salt and pepper and then I added the lemon slices.

So far so good!


Then I added the veggies.  A lot of them!

I included zucchini (fast becoming my favorite!), carrots, green beans, green pepper, onions, and tomatoes.  Then I added some fresh thyme and basil and a few pats of butter.


Next I wrapped it all up and threw it in the oven at 325 degrees… for forever.

It was in there at least 45 minutes.

Finally we decided it was done, and we served it.  Everyone adored the salmon.  I am never a fan of fruit flavored meat or fish, but this truly was wonderful.  My four year old picked up the salmon and ate it like a piece of pizza.  My seven year old ate half of her father’s which was a big sacrifice on his part.

The veggies on the other hand were not done in the slightest.  The kids ate the carrots, but that was about it.  Even the zucchini was not done.

No fear though…



I threw it all in a pan and sautéed it in the lemon butter sauce.  I added some dried Italian seasoning and (since the kids were done at this point) a generous helping of crushed red pepper.

And now… finally… they were amazing.

I’ve seen recipes online before for foil wraps that included veggies.  It seemed so simple, and I was looking forward to another wonderful easy school night recipe come fall.

It didn’t work out that way, and to be honest, I think it tasted a lot better this way because I could season the veggies and leave the salmon to its simple lemon butter sauce.

And because I have had successes as well as failures, I figured I would end with this picture of our Friday night dinner.  The kids loved purple mashed potatoes.



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