A Concert and a Picnic


Despite living in Batavia, we had never been to any of the concerts that any of the local towns offer.  Tonight, we decided to change that, and we went to the summer concert at the Batavia River Walk.  The kids had a blast running around and playing, and us gown ups had fun visiting with friends and listening to the music.

Ever the forgetful planner, I was worried the meal I had planned for this evening wouldn’t work well at a picnic, but I was wrong.  It actually couldn’t have worked better because it was easily eaten off plates, and since there was so much variety, everyone had something in the one big bowl of food.

I got the recipe for the kale chicken pasta from The Pioneer Woman (click here). I like her blog because she takes remarkable pictures of her food, and she walks you through the whole process before giving you the quick printable version of her recipe.  And her recipes are amazing.

This kale meal worked well for us.  The only changes I made were adding extra broth in place of the wine and adding a whole slew of green beans.  This added flavor and nutritional value, and I find that the more veggies I put in a meal, the more negotiating power I have with my toddlers in regards to how many veggies they eat.

I’ll let you get the recipe from the link above, but it’s quite a simple one requiring only butter, olive oil, chicken broth, white wine (optional,) garlic, kale, chicken, pasta, and green beans.  This actually might become one of my go to meals because it is so balanced and easy.  We used whole grain pasta, but that’s obviously up to you.

Anyway, tomorrow is our next pick up for the CSA, and I can’t wait.  We were driving somewhat in that direction this morning, and my two year old asked if we were going to the farm.  She was quite distraught when I told her that we were not.

My whole family is loving this process.  We have all learned so much about different types of veggies and herbs and how to prepare them.  I love that I have the bulk of my food for each week at the pick up and that my kids are seeing where food comes from.  I do believe it will have a lasting impact of their attitudes about food and food ethics.

I hope to see some of you tomorrow!

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